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Automatic Card Dealer

Automatic Card Dealer

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Automatic Card dealer


Multi-functional all-in-one machine: poker automatic card dealer card shuffling machine card shuffling and dealing functions in one, convenient for players to save the trouble of manual shuffling in the game, while quickly and accurately issuing cards.
Large capacity card box: The card dealer can hold 4 decks of cards, so that you no longer worry about running out of cards in the game, but also suitable for a variety of different poker games.

Multiplayer support: The Poker dealer supports up to 12 players, allowing you to enjoy poker games with more friends or family.
Flexible licensing Angle: The licensing machine can be 90° and 360° licensing methods, according to your preferences and needs, choose the most suitable licensing Angle, to ensure that every deal is accurate.
Suitable for different types of playing cards: whether ordinary cards, wide cards or plastic cards, the Dragon Poker dealer can perfectly support, so that you can use a variety of different types of playing cards in the game, enjoy the game fun.

Product parameters:

Number of cards: up to 4 decks
Maximum number of supporters: 12
Licensing mode: 90° and 360° adjustable
Applicable card type: ordinary card, wide card, plastic card
Battery life: License about 400 times on a full charge
Name: Automatic poker deal machine deal money
Category: Game equipment
Material: ABS/POM/ Nylon/iron products/electronic components/stainless steel
Net weight: about 1000G
Operating voltage :7.2V
Battery capacity :2000 mah
Dimensions: 149*107*123mm/ 5.87x4.21x4.84 inches

Package includes: 1pcs Automatic Licensing Machine

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